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Lightbulb Some of my old Free Energy Postings since 2007 ...

Some of my old Free Energy Postings since 2007 ......

Whats about this technology?

You may have heard about an invention created by a 63-year-old named John Kanzius that claims to create an alternative fuel out of salt water. Through sheer serendipity, Kanzius, a former broadcast engineer, found out something incredible -- under the right conditions, salt water can burn at high temperatures.

Kanzius' journey toward surprise inspiration began with a leukemia diagnosis in 2003. Faced with the prospect of debilitating chemotherapy, he decided he would try to invent a better alternative for destroying cancerous cells. What he came up with is his radio frequency generator (RFG), a machine that generates radio waves and focuses them into a concentrated area. Kanzius used the RFG to heat small metallic particles inserted


Time: x+6 minutes
Voltage:4,8 V
Amp:300 mA
Frequency: 923 cycles per second (Hz)

H/O production achieves maximum with 923Hz.
6. Attempt runs

Time: x+7 minutes
Voltage:4,8 V
Amp:300 mA
Frequency: 1100 cycles per second (Hz)

H/O production becomes smaller with rising frequency. Frequency is gone back gradually on 923Hz.
7. Attempt end

Time: x+9 minutes
Voltage:0 V
Amp:0 mA
Frequency: 0 cycles per second (Hz)

End of the experiment. The frequency was gone back gradually again on 923Hz and held for 32 seconds 923Hz.

X+9 minutes
End of the experiment.
Became by 1.2 litres water
0,5 litres during the experiment split up into hydrogen and oxygen.
Frequency Keys?? Hydrogen

So - our international-research team- on the- Frequency Keys- to Hydrolysis & Hydrogen- just came up with HOW - the famous KANSIUS ('Can Water Fuel the World!) - got his frequency key to split hydrogen. He took the known sputtering frequency of Palladium (phase conjugate/ PGM!) - 13.56 Mhz. He found out that this radically reduced the power needed to split hydrogen from water. Even the noble Rustum Roy - quickly realized this was the end of Earth's energy crisis. (Check the films and links- water IS power- when you can directly ring out the hydrogen).

I decided to apply the mathematics I had originally discovered to produce the key frequencies I use to make phase conjugate dielectrics. With these frequency recipes- in Phase Conjugate dielectric- materials - I have been able to produce 50% growth increase- measured - in bioactive fields. ( The key is to know that the GOLDEN MEAN- and PLANCK TIME CONSTANT (and PLANK LENGTH) define the sacred- and the bioactive - and phase conjugation (and gravity)! I had multiplied the Plank time constant times PHI powers- to get my magic frequency for EVERYTHING. (Take a lesson - you folks who talk about 528 hz - Len Horowitz- and 8 hz etc. being sacred- we KNOW what sacred frequencies are!).

So I took my same original equation- and applied it to Kansius's Palladium / Hydrogen frequency - guess what - I got a perfect multiple of GOLDEN RATIO - to many places of accuracy:

The Clem Engine.

The Colman / Seddon-Gilliespie Generator.
This device, patented by Harold Colman and Ronald Seddon-Gillespie on 5th December 1956, is quite remarkable. It is a tiny lightweight device which can produce electricity using a self-powered electromagnet and chemical salts. The working life of the device before needing refurbishment is estimated at some seventy years with an output of about one kilowatt.

Devices which can provide power at any time, and at any location, include running a standard electrical generator with water as the only fuel (chapter 10). Strictly speaking, the generator runs on energy drawn from the environment and not on water which itself is not a fuel, but as water is fed to the engine, it appears as if the water is a fuel although it actually is not a fuel.

While it is perfectly possible to run this type of generator with water as what appears to be the only fuel, it must be realised that a generator of this type produces noise which will not be acceptable for neighbours if the user lives in a congested city environment. Admittedly, a suitable housing with many carpet-covered baffles would allow good air flow and cooling while reducing the noise to very low levels, but generally speaking, this is a solution for people who like working with internal combustion engines and who live some distance away from other people.

by Charles Couch
for Pure Energy Systems News

Patrick Kelly, a major documenter of the free energy open source movement, recently reported that three people who live near him had extracted 4 kilowatts of power from a generator (rated for 5.5 kW output) running 100% on 3 liter/minute of hydroxy and cold water fog, using no fossil fuel at all. The system is documented on pages 50-59 of the latest update of the famous Chapter10.pdf document [1.3 Mb] which is pretty much the most referenced beginners guide to hydroxy research.

Diagram from a section titled "Running an Electrical Generator without Fossil Fuel" found on pages 50-59 in the Chapter10.pdf document by Patrick Kelly (who comments below). ter/

2004 DODGE PU RUNS ON 100% WATER.mpg

How it Works
For information on how to use the electrolysis process to generate a hydrogen-oxygen gas mixture, and links to companies doing it, see Directory:Brown's Gas.
For information on how to run vehicles on the H/O gas, running the gas into the air intake, to catalyze more effective burning of the gas or diesel, along with links to companies producing products that implement this approach, see Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection.

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