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Here's my LPG system.

Professionally fitted by the company that originally bought the car.

Bay view
Vaporiser bottom right hand corner

Air filter
The big silver feed pipe goes under the airfilter.

LPG Gas ring!
The hose under the airfilter connects to the feeder ring.

They are supposed to stamp the Litres per min, but they don't on the ones I looked at online or on mine - I cleaned it up and checked.

I've checked my vaporiser - it says R90/E and below it G.P.L

This appears to correspond to a max engine power of 139Kw (186Hp)

If they do not specify litres per min then they should say kg per hour, according to section 8 of this paper -

I've got a simple Single point - fumigated via a single pipe to the air filter. The advatage of my system, it doesn't take time to warm up, I start the engine, dip the accelerator and switches to lpg before I've pulled away. It works fine except overtaking on inclines or at high motorway speeds.
Quite funny when we first got it - pull out on a car to overtake, kick down, shift gear and watch the car your overtaking pass you by on the inside as you run out of power and slow down behind them.

My LPG system fails at speeds over 90 mph and on the very rare occasion I drive that fast I have to sitch over to Petrol.
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