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Originally Posted by pi3141 View Post
Cheers h2pogo!

I did some checking and found this -

So according to that paragraph there are 2 power strokes per revolution so we should double your figure?
No, 2 power strokes from 2 cylinders each revolution, effectively half the engine on each revolution

Originally Posted by pi3141 View Post
146.66 Litres of gas per minute at 1000rpm - my Lotus redlines at 7000rpm!
the rpm and cubic capacity of an engine are not the deciding factors in fuel consumption, ignore them, what matters is how much fuel is being injected into the engine. You cant measure fuel consumption by engine cubic capacity nor rpm.

its possible to burn less fuel at a higher rpm for instance, and a 2 litre engine at part throttle can easily return better fuel consumption than a 1.4 litre engine pedal to the metal.

Engine displacement and RPM are an indication of the maximum theoretical fuel consumption only, what matters is actual consumption - see example above
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