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I think the talk of maximum pump ratings and maximum combustion chamber volume is whats causing the confusion. Just because a car engine has a cubic capacity of 2 litres does not mean it uses 2 litres of fuel on every stroke,

if we take the real world example given for LPG

a 2.6 litre car running on LPG, it has a 90 Litre tank which gives me about 250 miles
lets assume hho and lpg have the same calorific value for simplicity (hydrogen is much higher than petrol but dont know about HHO)

A 250 mile journey at a realistic 50mph average means 5hours driving time or 300 mins, this equates to an actual LPG consumption of 0.3 litres per minute (90 litres/300 minutes), rather than the 75 litres per minute quoted before.

So, if I have this right, to completely fuel that 2.6 litre car you would need a gas kit capable of producing at least 0.3 litres per minute
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