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Originally Posted by pi3141 View Post
Yeah appologies it got a bit confusing considering gas and atomised liquid petrol. I'm trying to explain how much HHO gas by volume, would be required to run an engine.

I went on to write.

My 2.2 litre car has a fuel pump delivery rate of about 2 litres per min of petrol. Thats required at maximum load. That petrol is then atomised to 15% of the air fuel in a 1 Litre cylinder.

Powering a car on HHO would require similar volumes of HHO gas to atomised petrol.

EDIT.. I am guessing the fuel/air ration is much less for HHO..Does any one have any reliable data on this as i hear conflicting figures?

I'm trying to compare 15% volume of HHO gas in 1 litre of air fuel mixture to 2 litres per min of petrol, then atomised. ( I use atomised to describe the carburetion process)

I've also got a 2.6 litre car running on LPG, it has a 90 Litre tank which gives me about 250 miles (Rough guesstimate) The LPG is stored as liquid and then heated before entering the engine.

So how many litres of gas, does 90 litres of LPG make when its heated? Thats how much HHO has to be produced for the engine.

Any help appreciated.
2.2l ideling at 1000 rpm = 2200l/15 = 146.666l Please correct me if i am wrong any one.

I tried a booster on LPG and did detect a slight improvement..Better than petrol.

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