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Hi Apollo_gnomon.

Thanks for the positive response (most people try to prove that it can't possibly work without ever bothering to try it for themselves).

Apart from the GasSavers forum thread; I also contribute to a similar thread on the Fuel Saver forum and just set up the HCS facebook page that I gave a link to in my last post.

I realize that HCS isn't HHO but I like to mention it (even at the risk of being slightly off-topic) as it solves the main problem associated with electrolyzing water; the fact that the alternator is running full tilt just to get you some hydrogen.
HCS takes nothing from the engine so any gains in the way of burn efficiency are pure gains.

People tend to like the idea of HHO better because it promises to run your car (at least partly) on water.
HCS cracks hydrogen from regular gasoline vapour which doesn't feel like such a slap in the face to BIG OIL.

If the fuel efficiency gains were marginal; I could sympathize with their lack of enthusiasm but they aren't.
I get around 30% extra mileage running HCS on my fuel-injected Family Car in city driving and the gains are much better out of town.

I agree that a separate thread would be better than interrupting this HHO discussion.
If I start one; I'll link it here.


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