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Originally Posted by blackyblue View Post
Balls. There is an easy way for them to get round that einstein, they just make it illegal to grow your own but legal to buy from Licensed sellers!!

A bit like what they do with lots of things already!!!!
They're headed in that direction in the US, but it's still not optimal. Any big corporation could theoretically become a licensed seller and Big Pharma would not like that. They could lose money to Google if Google decided they want to sell pot. And prices would go way down. Big Pharma has a monopoly on their drugs but not on marijuana.

Legalizing it at all would educate people to believe that marijuana really is medicine which would encourage more people to grow it and use it whether it's illegal or not. One of their main tools is to lie about it and pretend that marijuana is useless as medicine and makes you stupid. They don't want to get away from that viewpoint but they may have to as people find out more about how beneficial marijuana is.
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