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Originally Posted by tattooverb View Post
it was really fantastic to get a chance to sit down and talk with david
i have followed david's research for a couple of years now
i found he had come to many of the same conclusions about things as i had when i first read his books
so i find it refreshing to sit and talk to someone who knows even more than i do about the topics i have been actively researching for many years
i have been writing articles for a while now on many of the topics we discussed and have started making films as well
so interviews seemed the next best step in getting the information out
and david was at the top of my list of folks to interview as he has so much important information to give

if you are australian you may have heard of a researcher there named max igan
i was in australia for a couple of months just before i interviewed david and did an interview of max
his site is
he does a weekly radio show as well which you can access from his site
max has some good info to share including a book he wrote free for download
i highly suggest having a look at his site

thanks again for all the kind words everyone
it has really been my pleasure to do this interview with david
i feel his message is an important one

if anyone has any suggestions as to who else you would like to hear interviewed let me know
i am planning to do a few more interviews this year depending on the location of the people interviewed
Im actually from London living in Melbourne...

Ill check out that site...

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