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Originally Posted by heidih View Post
Hia from Denmark

I've read many posts here about rh- blood and the idea that people with that bloodline somehow are related to reptilians.

I have B-rh-negative, and after a bad pregnancy where I lost my baby and almost died myself, I began to dig into this topic.

People with positive +blood, are somehow related to the Rhesus monkey, where negative- blood are unknown. Scientists speculate that this is a random mutation over time.
Other scientist thought the negative bloodline came from the Neanderthal's, but this claim seem to have some missing links, and the latest I read was that they dismissed rh-negative to be related to the Neanderthal's.

It is interesting that we negative can give blood to positive people, but that we can't receive blood from positive.
When a rh-negative woman is pregnant, her body will (if not controlled by pills) reject a baby who is positive, BUT a positive woman without problems can carry a negative baby.

Does sounds like a way to maintain a certain bloodline. A code to prevent the bloodlines to be mixed up.
Almost sound like a reality-experiment where different "creators" are betting for which bloodline will survive, and how far it will survive.

I do know, that if I decide to get pregnant again, I will look for a rh-negative man. I'm not going through the risk again.
On the other hand, I'm not sure I want to put a child into this madness of a World. A place I struggle to understand myself. I find it quit selfish to give birth to a child just to satisfy my own need to reproduce my genes.

Wiki says that 12-15% of the World population is rh-negative, but they are not sure about this number. It might be even less worldwide.

Humans are not the only to have rh-negative blood. Several animals have this too.

I watched some documentaries that claims that most Presidents, world-leaders, Royals etc all come from rh-negative line. I don't know if this is true or not.

Anyone who have found any interesting sources of the origin of the rh-negative bloodline?
There's a fairly recent book by Nick Redfern covering this topic: Bloodline Of The Gods: Unravel the Mystery of the Human Blood Type to Reveal the Aliens Among Us

Although I confess I haven't read it and it gets mixed reviews- (they're a bit more favourable over on One of the reviewers left the following recommendations:

If your objective is to understand the true historical implications, you should read all of Zecharia Sitchin's and Lawrence Gardner's books. Gerald Clark has two books that are also worth reading, although not up to the standard of the other two authors. You can also go on-line and search for the 'Terra Papers', the Library of Halexandriah, Humans Are Free and ShamanIAm. To carry the topic to the present, I would also suggest reading the two-book series 'Planet Rothschild' by M. S. King.
Hope that helps!
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