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Originally Posted by visitors View Post
Bob Flowerdew and Geoff Hamilton were very into natural growing. I was wondering about that some time ago, since the TV shows were good for promoting organics years ago, and now it seems they don't bother to anymore?

There was a permaculture place too - however it was ruined by the conspiracy, since it was so much about turning the trees into woodchips.....I mean ffs, there's not nearly enough woodland to even consider doing that. Plus why would you want to? - as if you need to be taking away more of the Earth to make things that are already available in abundance at umpteen cheapo Pound stores, having already raped the planet to be made.
And they kept bees in evil ways too, and didn't care about the correct ways to keep them. They're an absolute nightmare. You help the Earth more by not getting involved with those kinds of things, by leaving nature alone.
I fogot about Geoff Hamilton and Bob Flowerdew. Shame the former died last time I heard Bob he was on radio 4 so I guess he is still around somewhere.

When it comes to woodchips perhaps they getting it from coppicing/pollarding?- Well I hope so anyway!

It obviously sounds you are really into the minimal interference with natural systems. Permaculture is pretty wide in its appeal nowadays (so there are different approaches) so maybe you didn't get on with particular style of it. Sepp Holzer and Masanobu Fukuoka developed thier approaches interpendently of permaculture but later became associated with it. They share a minimal interference approach too so I would recommend you check them out if you dont know about them.

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