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Oh I've tried to participate in some groups that claim to be about growing food, if you mean that. 4 different ones in Glasgow - and ''btw'' in Glasgow the council are the total opposite to what you'd think, for example look at what they are doing to North Kelvin Meadow.

I've found that despite my success in proving great food can be grown without digging or weeding (one place I did that was at Lambhill Allotments), people just want to ignore it and keep using biocides, and keep messing it all up by not listening to a thing I tell them. I explained to them how the wild areas caused the crops grown near them to grow better. On my plot it was obvious the plants nearest to the wild areas were far more vigorous.
They don't listen. The council doesn't listen either. That area of Scotland is absolutely dire. I see people complain about Edinburgh on these forums - the east side is far more advanced in terms of organics and proper growing.

I've planted in at least 3 other places also - in each case, the conspiracy that I wrote about in my first post here would go out of its way to damage the wildlife, and my plants, as much as possible. This included things like putting scaffolding on top of my herb and wildflower garden in Woodlands, despite them having a meeting with the scaffolding company beforehand to ensure anything like that wouldn't happen.

In Glasgow, one of the few places in that area of Scotland that even has anything like 'community gardens', people who are involved with the gardens butcher the plants....plants that before anyone ''got involved'' were healthy and safe for so many years, they'd been there for ages and ages without bothering anyone, and without being bothered.
The councils go out of their way to damage what wild spaces are left.
They're hopeless. Even if they decided to be good instead of being evil - they'd not even bother learning it right. It's easy, I did it without any proper training at all. I have no money and I was able to access the info I needed, and also get the right tools and seeds and so forth. You do need a car though if you want to transport things like rock dust bags. They look for other people to tell them how to do everything. And even if you bother, they don't listen.

Also I have seen people online or in magazine write ups claim to be 'guerilla gardeners'...but they do the opposite. They ruin existing places nature has already reclaimed, and then re-plant in them. That isn't what the spirit of guerilla gardening is about at all. First it comes from growing things like weed, because it's illegal, outdoors in places it wouldn't be found. And then it developed into making empty plantless places beautiful again, by planting in them.

I've also foraged, very carefully and harming nature as little as possible. In Glasgow city I have found oyster mushrooms, jack o the hedge, wild garlic, wild plums (that tree was butchered - coincidentally after I found it and told someone about it, it had the best tasting plums ever, and I have had plums off loads of trees directly, in various countries), nettles, dandelions, lime leaves, goose grass, raspberries....things like that. Problem is, like I wrote - the council and others put biocides down, so you never know how much toxic biocide you are eating when you forage.
Glyco-attacking pesticides and weedkillers (like Roundup), like they often use, mess up genetics, they cause mutations. That can of course pass onto you if you ingest them.
Plus they cut everything back and damage the plants, so instead of there being an abundance of plants to choose from, there's not nearly enough. If everyone foraged there'd be nothing left within a week, rather than there being huge amounts of it everywhere like there ought to be.

I know what you mean about the TV shows also being responsible for making people think x y z.....remember though that show in particular, I never watched it but others in my family did, they used to have lots of organic stuff on there. Bob Flowerdew and Geoff Hamilton were very into natural growing. I was wondering about that some time ago, since the TV shows were good for promoting organics years ago, and now it seems they don't bother to anymore?

So anyway, I found nowhere safe to plant, and I am too poor to afford a house or grounds. I like doing things naturally, I don't like disturbing the plants, they ate sovereign beings too, and I can't find anyone anywhere else where they know how to do things right, or that have hearts and care about the plants as individuals. None of them care, they just see it as their right to use other species as they see fit.
There was a permaculture place too - however it was ruined by the conspiracy, since it was so much about turning the trees into woodchips.....I mean ffs, there's not nearly enough woodland to even consider doing that. Plus why would you want to? - as if you need to be taking away more of the Earth to make things that are already available in abundance at umpteen cheapo Pound stores, having already raped the planet to be made.
And they kept bees in evil ways too, and didn't care about the correct ways to keep them. They're an absolute nightmare. You help the Earth more by not getting involved with those kinds of things, by leaving nature alone.

Anyway, for whatever other reasons, some people who do think right can't get to be doing physical tasks - it's perfectly ok to point out what is wrong with the world and society, you don't have to contribute to society in order to point out how bad it is. Lots of people are forced to stop contributing anything at all precisely because of how bad things are.
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