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Coincidence by design.

It's a psychological tactic used in covert affairs to undermine suspicion. There are an absurd amount of coincidence linked to 9/11, to many to not be deliberate. So somewhere along the line, things have been set in motion to make coincidences weaponised.

Those coincidences are meant to lead you off the scent because really they are there to hid information relevant to things that are critical or important to what is a covert operation.

This tactic is not uncommon in AI algorithms used on social media today to synchronise peoples information and alter their way of thinking.

In regard to 9/11, I/K for example stands for Inverse Kinematics, a branch of sciences used in architecture for not only building design and construction but also demolition. I/K is more commonly assioiated with the joint mechanisms used in robotics but the principles apply the same in demolition. This is because of the way "joints" in a building are precision engineered to collapse in a mathematically correct way in which gravity acts as the artifical "tendon" retracting the building towards the ground once all key supports are severed.

Obviously the less people understand sciences like that the better as far as NIST is concerned. Perhaps, the science was ruled as being a threat well before 9/11 so is perhaps why the number was chosen for the emergency services of America when the telephone systems were first introduced.

Usually, shills use fake names or information that in someways mirror large scale events. David used to work for the BBC, a company that doesn't exactly have a good reputation for being un-biased nor being a bit dodgy especially when a BBC reporter present at the world trade centre on 9/11 indirectly revealed that they knew building 7 was going to come down on live tv when it was clearly still standing in the background.

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