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Originally Posted by lakes View Post
MY GOD!!!! you may be on to something??

If I take the name FUDGETUSK we find that the letters correspond to:

F .U .D .G .E .T .U .S .K
6 .21 .4 .7 .5 .20 .21 .19 .11

IF then we take the 621 and add them together we get = 9
IF then we take the 47 and add them together we get = 11
IF then we take the 5202 and add them together we get = 9
Then OF COURSE we have a straight, in your face = 11

LASTLY we are shown a blatant = 911

SO thats shows 911 911 911

What ARE YOU hiding fudgetusk?
What am I hiding? I also predicted 9/11. I got this message in my mind you see. A plane was about to hit a building.

But you're missing the point. This is blatant proof that the Illuminati exist. Who here has provided that?

The connection between Icke and 9/11

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