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Originally Posted by danielg View Post
I saw somewhere that it will cost £200 or more per girl...consider this from a cervical cancer website

cervical cancer website:
In the UK the situation continues to improve. In 1997 there were 2,740 cases of cervical cancer in England and Wales with 1,222 women dying of this disease. This represents a death rate of around 4 per 100,000. This compares with a death rate in 1979 of 7 per 100,000, which is an improvement of over 40%.
Hi danielg,

That’s interesting......4 per 100,000, which is an improvement of over 40% since things stand at present they seem to be getting on top of this virus.......why is there a need to vaccine every young girl when the numbers of people getting this are low and improving all the time.........

Another thing that makes me suspicious is there seems to be a coordinated attempt by different countries to push this through at the same time.......these countries all have their own independent health authorities......why have they all started to push this at the same time......who is really behind this idea.......?

bbc website:
Switzerland gave it the green light this week, following on the heels of Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Norway, Luxembourg and Belgium. It has also been approved in Australia and several US states.
I think "The Powers That Be" are really behind this........this is all very very suspicious.......

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