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Without going too much into the details I was inducted into what was presented to me as the illuminati. I was not given a choice, I was just told this:

Err........ I think you need to fill this blank in a bit.

We all have a choice....... This is something in your story which doesn't ring true.

One doesn't just get 'inducted' into the Illuminati as if buying a pint of milk and a paper...... The absence of detail here makes me a little suspicious of the veracity of your story....

The only thing you've got right about the Illumies is that they are psychic and can read minds.... but then this is what I've been saying for years so it's hardly new.

I too was inducted by the Illuminati and in fact they're still after me here in Morocco..... Difference is I can give you details and none of the usual spaceships and aliens BS that seems to be used in this area to get people interested...... personally never encountered aliens (saw demons tho) and to be honest someone of my level (or your level) would likely never find out about them even if they did exist.

If you can detail your Illuminati training it might lend your story some credibility. As it is there's nothing but some half baked fiction and tired cliches.. Your description of the structure of the Illuminati is laughable btw.

Sorry.... but I'm really dealing with this stuff on a daily basis. If someone claims to be in the same dangerous situation as me then I wanna hear something that rings true to the daily mental and emotional survival game that I've been playing for the past 10 years.

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