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Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post
What makes you think that the middle class originated during the Industrial era? They have existed for a lot longer than that, i.e the Middle Ages.
They were always there, yes. But the thing is the Masons realised they needed them, even though they hated the middle class, they absolutely despised them, but they needed them on board to manage the industrial revolution so they gave them a form of freemasonry, but of course none of the higher secrets. Even around the late 1800's when education for the peasantry started to come in, the elite who owned all the factories were still calling them peasants in their own books, openly. They then hired people who would come up into the middle classes, those who were to be taught to be intellectuals, and come to conclusions to make things more efficient. It's still the same today. We have national insurance numbers and are categorized as statistics, thought of solely on our earning and tax-paying capacity to keep the system going.
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