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Originally Posted by coco the clown View Post
Also, the battle is extra hard because we are discussing our current properties.

So yes, we can refuse consent for the SM now,
but what happens if we move to another property that already has SM installed before 2019?

BG weren’t sure, but though it unlikely that they would remove it,
but since it is technically possible to switch it off,
he thought that’s what might happen.

So we could end up with a smart meter fitted, but ‘turned off’.
If you believe that!

After, 2019, however, he didn’t believe I’d have any option not to use a SM if I moved to a property where it was already fitted.

I'm not giving up, but its going to be tough.
You would surely never move to a property that already had one fitted?

I would shop around till I found a place that was still on analogue.

Regarding the tinfoil hat covering....I suspect the authorities would quickly cut off your electricity if you did that because they wouldn't want to send out the man often to take it off. So although I would do that if I had to, I would fight NOT to ever have the thing fitted in the first place.

I think that may be easier in the UK, where I am, than in the US.
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