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Speaking of Feldman, I was watching "The Goonies" a few days ago. I had seen this movie several times in the past when I was much younger, but what really leapt out to me upon viewing it this time was the unabashed crassness of it all. For a so-called "kid" movie, the dialogue is overtly sexual in some scenes, particularly during the first half of the film where inappropriate innuendos, BDSM references, and shots of children playing with a phallus on a Greek statue are enacted. The story takes place in Astoria, Oregon (Astor family?) and the opening title credits show a big skull and bones.

Random, gratuitous up-skirt shots of Kerry Green's young cheerleader character are also present. Indeed, the overall plot involves the Goonies searching for One-Eyed Willie's "booty". Yeah, that one's not obvious

I actually bought the DVD for the sake of nostalgia, and on it is a commentary track and accompanying visuals of the actors reacting to the movie live in real-time. Again, during the opening scenes (@4:40 see link below) Feldman makes a strange comment to the director Richard "Dick" Donner referring to his motor home/trailer on the set of the movie which Feldman states kids were warned not to go near, he also describes it as having blackened out windows, where he implies "mystical things" were taking place.

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