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I've been away wild camping through the Southern Highlands and even after just six days of sleeping in the wild you notice the differences when you come back to the city.
There is mess and dirt everywhere. Dog dirt all over the street, people dropping litter and chewing gum plastered all over pavements. Our society (Well I am talking about Scotland) is careless, thoughtless and heartless.
People stick their head down and walk past ignoring you unless they want to stare at you for some reason.
It makes me laugh when people I work with ask me if I'm not scared sleeping out in a tent in the countryside, when the walk to get to work at night is where the real danger lies.
Anyway, here's to the countryside, and sleeping under the stars.
"I know corries in Argyll that whisper silken to the wind with juicy grasses. Corries where the deer love to prance deep in the cool dew and the beasts of far-off woods come in bands at their seasons and together rejoice." from John Splendid by Neil Munro
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