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It is my belief that the operation had been a masonic initiation and training/inauguration exercise involving police and royal surgeon participants, - and on behalf of the Church of England - to rid the immediate vicinity of the hospital of prostitution in order to appear more acceptable to fee paying students of the rich from a worldwide perspective and sourcing.

Co-ordination and command of the various teams would have fallen under the guidance of the Church - the MET Witchfinder General and his teams - and those prostitutes designated for culling by various methods, but not surgical, and not the "canonical five" (4 in essence) would have been killed in the street possibly whilst soliciting.

Covert intelligence and surveillance would have been previously carried out and victims possibly identified in advance. We therefore also know who the Witchfinder of the time was as he will be easily identifiable as a senior officer having:
1) undertaking covert surveillance in the affected districts
2) Never appearing in uniform, despite rank
3) undertaking "blasphemy" cases.

This person has already been identified as a senior officer of the City of London Police at the times in question.

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