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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
If this had been the case, then the rough attacks with the knife would possibly have been carried out at the dumping site of the bodies, (and after the precision surgical work), so that blood loss would be evident at that spot, falsely indicating that was where the attack had occurred. With this scenario, the surgeon need never leave the hospital premises, and the whole operation - outside the hospital- would be a police action by the Church of England police unit. It would be essentially easy for a marked or unmarked carriage to simply pull up next to a street prostitute and arrest her / bundle her into the wagon - and even easier to pull up in an unmarked carriage possibly posing as a couple of rich clients.

This would give the result of no massive blood loss seemingly evident at the site, but congealed blood pooling underneath the bodies. This had certainly occurred with the victim close to the hospital.

The Witchfinder "calling card" is that some victims die in a similar manner (main ritual), and others from various numerous causes.

This is why - in a heavily populated area- nobody had ever stumbled across the deeds in progress, and why the two separate types of attacks on the body.

Also, if body parts had been removed, they would have to immediately be put into ready-primed preserving containers - easy enough in a surgeon's theatre.
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