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Originally Posted by time4truth View Post
Yes Grimstock your prob right.. how stupid of me to think we may be getting closer to cureing unfortunate people
In the ZUMA-1 trial those enrolled with different types of hematologic malignancies were mostly stage IV. The majority had become refractory to 2nd or later-line therapy, relapsed after a stem cell transplant and had three median prior lines of therapy (1-12). Such patients' have just months to live.

Despite that a single infusion of their own immune cells engineered to target CD19 caused most to have an objective response (tumour shrinkage) and these have been durable. If you look at the data around 70% of those who achieved a complete response (the absence of all detectable cancer after treatment) are still alive at 23 months. In those with a partial response around 50% are still alive at 23 months too

The company behind that are working on improved versions. These will be able to target many antigens, not just one (e.g. CD19)[1,2]. They will secrete certain cytokines into the tumour microenvironment to help reverse the immunosuppressive effects[3], be controlled via a 'switch' that is activated by an oral drug and much more [4-7].

Current cost and production times will be reduced by using allogeneic cells from healthy donors [8] and stem cells [9].

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Why is it that the loudest critics of ''Big Pharma'' are Big Placebo?

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