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Default Real issues not being looked at anymore

I used to be well into the conspiracy mindset, interested in it, fascinated as to how it worked. Saw quite a few people totally lost in the rabbit hole, of knowledge that can't be denied nor confirmed...

Where David Icke lost me was in a lecture when he said CO2 is good for the planet. I'm a horticulturalist, so while I know that's true, we've been adding CO2 to the cycle, that has been dormant under ground for millions of years. I know about climate science and about David Icke and the conspiracy theory mentality - a lot, as I read and study.

So I understand this guys frustration:

watch it

The truth is that we're already in the 6th extinction, and people are still going to McDonalds and watching crap TV. It's lunacy. We think we're so special, but we're not...
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