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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
They were rebutted,
Where? You just reposted the whole thing

from experience debates with you go around in circles,
That's because you won't answer questions

what makes your copy and paste facts true
I rarely copy and paste large amounts of info the way you do. And what makes your copy and paste true?

you just get your info from the official version as always

because you are an official type of person
You use official sources when it suits your purpose. The thing with Icke is he just copies from other books and he never gives sources for where the info comes from so one has to assume a lot of it is invented.

No its not what you typed,you stated 24
I said 24 plus the Monarch and the Prince of Wales . I was merely specifying who made up the 26 members.

At the founding of the Order of the Garter, 26 "poor as but knights" were appointed and attached to the Order and its chapel.
The 26 poor knights were the Military Knights of Windsor. The members of the Order of the Garter are called Knights Companions of the Garter. They are two separate groups but it is confusing.
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