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Originally Posted by aronia View Post
Eternal Spirit is a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor working to cover-up the Vatican power. A power that resides within the Papal Bloodlines behind their Pope and Jesuit Order! Anyone who has time on their hands to just constantly attack a couple of people shows their agenda. They rely on weak researchers falling for their disinformation.

So Eric has some strong beliefs regarding his faith.
Oh no here we go again smearing my name with false labels, how many times have we been through this before your other name on this forum was 14April2000, you made that account inactive and came back with a new name (aronia) to spam the same lies and disinfo from your hero Phelps.

I have corrected your lies and disinfo before. I have to do a lot of that on this forum. Someone needs to and I know enough to correct disinfo when I see it.

You lot are one track ponys with your Vatican/Jesuit/Catholic are behind all the world's evils spiel lies and propaganda.

I am not even religious let alone a Jesuit agent. If I where to choose a religion to convert to it sure as hell wouldn't be any of the three middle eastern ones.

You can call me Germanic Satanic Paganic if you like.....
You Aronia and co should ask yourself why you've been on a 5 year mission of posting nothing but anti Catholic propaganda.

Is it because you're a bunch of supremacist Jews? Or Protestant fundamentalists, or some other wacko Christian sect?

Phelps claims only racial Jews should be allowed to live in Isreal, can he prove his own Jewishness then? Can anyone? It's a can of worms. Many here would claim Phelps is far too white to be Jewish LOL.

Although have read that some of the original people of the holy lands where a like to Europeans.
And this is the issue for many on this forum (they hate white people including white Jews).

Good Jew bad Jew lol where do you start?
Talmud? Covenant with Yahweh? (circumcision)
Which was the real allogery behind the Abraham Issac/Ishmael sacrifice story, instead of killing his son as a sacrifical offering to Yahweh, he lobbed off the end of his penis instead...

Some Pre Judaic religions used to chop off the whole penis and give it as an offering to deity (hence the allegory - sacrificing one's son - loosing the ability to procreate having no penis)

The new covenant became circumcision.

Catholics don't genitally mutilate their babys to form a covenant with God.

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