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Yea I've always dreamt heaps... and I've always had predictive dreams. Not all my dreams are predictive, but over the years I've worked out how to tell which ones are predictive.

I dreamt once that my boyfriend was in bed with someone but the blanket was over her face. I could smell the musk of the room, and their sweat, (which was weird never smelt anything in my dreams before. In the dream I was wishing with all my might that the blanket would come down off the girls face so I could see who it was... I was wishing so hard that eventually the blanket fell from her face, and I saw it was a girl I knew in our circle. I woke up (never forget it), and Frankie Goes to Hollywood 'Power of Love' was playing on the radio, and there was a shaft of light coming thru the bedroom window from the moon, and saw my boyfriend wasn't home/in bed next to me. He got home at 3pm the next day, and I called his bluff and said "I know you were with such and such",.........and his first reaction was shock and guilt, as I nailed it. And it was the very same girl in my dream.... He couldn't deny it, and said, "Who told you".....? I said you wouldn't believe.....

So yea dreams.....weird and freaky ones...
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