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Originally Posted by pepsi78 View Post
not god, a creator, God is a tyrannt, the Gods are snakes serpent spirits, but there are as I said also good spirits, but not of them, they don't pose as saints and gods. The creator is beyond god hood.

The saints are reptiles, reptilian, it's all a hoax with religion to better control people.
Gods are or were originally deities, turned into Saints today, this is why one needs to be a dead person to become a saint.

And quite rightly there is only one creator, who communicates with us every morning, some once called him Phaeton, lord of all beginnings and of the far shining morning.

The clue is to be in the word, Beginning, that beginning being the 21 March where this creator begins the long journey of summer upon the ecliptic, every year, forever, unconditional in its gaze and single eye.

This creator becomes a destroyer if you venture too close.
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