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Exclamation my unfortunate meeting with someone in the ARMY.

well.. to cut a long story short, On Thursday night I had the misfortune of meeting one VERY VERY brainwashed individual. He was meeting my friend who I was out in manchester with and came back to my flat. I only really started talking to him when he was back at mine, and NOTHING could have prepared me for his warped views.

He is home from Iraq, and can not WAIT to get back.
I think the most shocking piece of unhumane garbage that came out of his mouth was that he sees woman and children die over there, and he loves it. he "hates" them.
This really sickened me. I feel I have some kind of duty to report this realistic picture of the type of people "fighting for us" to the general public. It certainly was not pretty.

There was no reasoning with this conditioned meat head, HE WAS RIGHT. AND THAT WAS IT.

He also had tattoos such as "pride of britain" on his arm... says it all really. Heavily brainwashed and very fucking dangerous because of his views and power trip seeking.

I 'm surprised I didn't chuck him out because he made me SO angry that he would not open his mind even slightly to possibilities that wern't his reality.
But strangely i felt really sorry for him too, and felt that there was something I could learn something from our random meeting..
“What I realised was that they don’t want the people to be awake. The elite ruling class wants us asleep so we’ll remain a docile, apathetic herd of passive consumers and non-participants.." - bill hicks

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