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Default Renzi praises Russian role in Libya: satanic celebration of ISIS

Each time illuminati media serves ISIS headlines the illuminati are in fact invoking the egyptian "goddess" Isis.

Italy's PM Renzi praises Russian role in Libya: satanic celebration of ISIS
"Putin" is one of the suppliers of mercenaries (mostly chechens) used to stage the act "ISIS controls Libya's Sirte".
How this is celebrated:
June 17, 2016- "Renzi praises Russian role in Libya"

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Sep 21, 2015:
Note from Jun 2016: illuminati puppets installed in Tripoli are now called "UN backed unity government".

Libya: General Haftar has the only fighter jets worldwide not part of the IV Reich airforce
After reading this you should be able to tell why his forces are NOT part of the illuminati.

Illuminati launching ISIS: contrast Libya with Syria
Derna is the city that stands for the first Illuminati attempt to install ISIS in Libya. Unlike Raqqa 2013 in Syria, militas not controlled by the illuminati were already present,
In other words:
- in Syria illuminati launched ISIS with the missions of discrediting the real rebels and securing the oil wells, all located in sunni areas.
- in Libya illuminati launched ISIS from the beginning to fight the opposing forces.

Derna 2014: ISIS surprise effect no longer worked, unlike Raqqa 2013
The surprise effect first seemed to work and Derna became the first city in Libya controlled by ISIS.
In Benghazi ISIS only managed to control small areas but it's still present.
May 2015 - Derna: ISIS control reduced to a small pocket, on the brink of total defeat (it would indeed be completely expelled one month later).
Illuminati react by applying the Syria's receipt, repeating the staged act from 2013 "ISIS captures Raqqa".
In other words: illuminati puppets of Tripoli "government" retreated from Sirte to let "ISIS capture Gaddafi's home town".

Sep 21, 2015
World War III: illuminati openly stating that supposed enemies are in fact part of their military: two milestones set the same day.
UN telling about ISIS in Libya; Israel telling about Russia (after Iran and Hezbollah) in Syria.

UN: ISIS is part of our army in Libya:
Libya: illuminati alias United Nations, U.S and European envoys urge patriots to stop fighting ISIS, as ISIS is on the brink of collapse:

Israael: we are in the same side as Assad/Iran/Hezbollah in Syria
Treasonous nazi agents of Israeli gov first kept silent about iranian and russian mercenaries in Syria and now openly pass truth in plain sight
"Israel, Russia to coordinate military action on Syria: Netanyahu"

June 17, 2016- "Renzi praises Russian role in Libya"
Speaking Friday after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an economic forum in St. Petersburg, Renzi expressed gratitude to him for helping reduce violence in Libya.
Putin said that conflicting tribal interests and the presence of numerous armed factions make the situation extremely difficult. He pledged that Russia will continue working together with the international community to help normalize the situation.

Sep 20, 2015
At least six people were killed and ten wounded when fighting broke out west of Benghazi between General Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army forces and fighters allied to Islamic State.
Mohamed Hejazi, spokesman for Haftar's forces, said they had launched a campaign against positions in Benghazi, which has been caught up in fighting for more than year.
Western governments see the best solution in a United Nations-backed peace deal to bring the two sides together in a united power-sharing agreement.
But fighting and pressure from hardliners on both sides have complicated negotiations.
The United Nations and U.S and European envoys criticized the increase in hostilities just before the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, and urged the two factions to finish the U.N.-backed deal.
U.N. envoy Bernardino Leon had set Sunday as a deadline for negotiations to conclude.
U.N. talks are continuing in the Moroccan city of Skhirat, but both factions from the House of Representatives and the GNC Tripoli parliament warned of growing tensions after the increase in Benghazi fighting.
"Our team in Skhirat is studying suspending our participation in the peace talks because of the military escalation in Benghazi," Abdulrahman Swahili, a GNC parliament member told Nabaa TV.

Sep 21, 2015
Israel, Russia to coordinate military action on Syria: Netanyahu

Talk of "Putin" inviting and being invited to celebrate the slaughter of civilians:
Satanic Celebrations: Pope invites Iranian president, Hungary's Orban Invited to Meeting With Putin

Libya: anti-illuminati airforce sinks yet another vessel loaded with ISIS terrorists in the NATO payroll.

Russia gov - the illuminazi puppets assigned the role of arming Assad and Iran, which both play the role to openly state the goal of destroying Israel-
Reminder from Jan 2015:
"Israel strike kills Iranian General" is a hoax - fake war Israel v Hezbollah and Iran

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