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it's been done so many times in History... you know when you're dealing with someone in a heated situation and that a third person you're being defending pushes you in the back to make the clash happen... such people use their fellowmen as weapons or human shields and take advantage of mayhem to act unnoticed in the general confusion...

be it for the mosque or the implementation of NWO, what we're seeing happening here in France has nothing normal... 'protests' my $ss, they just ended up 'confessing' that cops with yellow vests would join protesters for infiltration, yet they' didn't say why the door of the Arc has been left open, because that's not been alleged but affirmed...

if cops were well organized enough to infiltrate protesters, then how did they let all that happen ?

I really fear what I previously suggested happens, it's no protests and neither looks or shows like a revolution... 'refugees' again anyone ? if an army of illegals and mercenaries is unleashed all over Europe then there'll be no safe place left anywhere...
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