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Originally Posted by lynfowars View Post

This is why Neil Armstrong is so shy, he knows the daddy of all space-travel was Mr George Adamski, on-top of everything else Neil & Co are required to bullshit Humanity about for 'the good of USA' hegemony.

I can't find you a handy images of this particular photo, I recommend you get Tim Good's book, Alien Base (1998) it has many great images. Most are never seen on the Internet because of the George Adamski Foundation, a curious organisation that has done more to prevent Adamski's startling images being shared with mankind than any other. What is their real agenda? How spooky eh?

Here is a sample image of these beasts on power..

I would identify that supposedly to be an "Andromeda Gerät".

Ask yourself why Adamski had been kind of silenced and tried to make look like nutter.
Armstrong also knows the truth as well as all other nasa or russian astronauts
Originally Posted by lynfowars View Post
This is a real image, of the first 'regular' Human-Being in Space, photographed by a UFOnaught to-boot!
No, Adamski was not the first human in space. I am sorry to disappoint you. It have been german military in the 1940ies.

That is the biggest secret, that Adamski's 'travel guides' had been german SS crew, who operate those crafts ever since.

WWII have not been finished yet.

Thx, very interesting
I only know the german part of the story behind this.

What about Billy Meier? Do you know more about him?

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