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Default Beware 'The Buffoon' !!!

BUFFOON 1 : a ludicrous figure : clown 2 : ''a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person''

Neil Kinnock caricatured as a buffoon in his days as leader of the Labour Party when in fact we have an active pro Europe scheming dangerous politician.

The dreadful Kinnocks were very well rewarded for playing the part..(a dead giveaway) eventually becoming the Vice-President of the European Commission. Glenys has also served the Labour Party as a Member of European Parliament, their son Stephen became head of the British Council branch in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Here is Kinnock metaphorically 'on the crest of a wave' acting the buffoon in a staged act just before a General Election..Why would any politician let alone a leader with his hands on No 10 risk what he did (absolutely 100% no chance) He did a hatchet job on the unions and his buffoonery allowed Thatcher to stay in power and decimate British Industry and adhere to her Bilderberger plans.

Notice how he turns his back as they are running towards the sea..Lets go for a paddle Mr STOOGE and Mrs STOOGE

As bad as Blair and Thatcher imo
'How did I do Tony'?

The Buffoon not only getting extremely well rewarded but the Buffoon's 'gay' son goes on to marry the future Danish PM who gets caught fiddling their tax expenses on their £500,000 house..

More turds in a bucketful of least the Danish are as gullible as the Brits
''Media control is still based in the main on cultural manipulation. It's just so easy to do. When you set up one set of objectives toward the public and you've given them a certain definition for each code word, you hit them with the various code words and they're not going to believe anything if you don't want them to." Bowie

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