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The week “Russia Russia” came home…

Amazing times for world Truth Seekers this week as finally, almost a year since the initial WikiLeaks that detailed how Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration colluded to transfer up to 30% of Americas top grade Uranium to Russia, the story has been forced onto the US mainstream media and it seems a real judicial investigation is now getting underway.

This is the same Hillary Clinton whose avowed policy, if she had won, was to force a no-fly zone over Syria which would have brought America into direct conflict with Russia and could well have triggered a US/Russia War: just as it is likely some of that uranium has found its way from Russia to Iran.
As soon as the Clinton Campaign lost the race for the Presidency, they fell back on their pre-prepared strategy of claiming the Trump campaign colluded with “Russian hackers” to steal the election.

Clinton is of course a protégé of that notorious political manipulator Saul Alinksy. His “rules for radicals” were in many ways a more modern version of the notorious “protocols of the elders of Zion” and updated Lenin’s revolutionary strategies. Alinksy advocated massively increasing the gap between rich and poor so that the poor could be most easily manipulated into going along with destabilising society and staging a revolutionary take-over: and looking at his rules and the actions of the democratic party, and the “alt left”, in modern America today, the parallels are very striking.

But Alinksy had another rule that Clinton, in particular, has followed religiously throughout her political career, a rule directly inspired by the mind-set of Satanism: accuse OTHERS of your own crimes first so that the dirt sticks to your enemies and NOT to you.

Despite the US corporate media, in full alliance with globalism, going full on mental for MONTHS, with an incredible 93% of Media coverage from January to June obsessing on the “Russian hacking” narrative, there has been not one scintilla of stand-up evidence to prove anyone in the Trump Campaign had anything to do with working with Russia to manipulate the election. Indeed, the very idea Russia “hacked” an election that yes, used voting machines, when those machines didn’t even have modems, is beyond ludicrous.

Jill Stein, from the US Green Party, famously received millions of dollars in donations after Clintons defeat to carry out recounts… another narrative that went quiet when the only voting irregularities found indicated cheating in favour of Clinton! The real results of those investigations showed democrats stealing “green” votes, and exposing that was of course Stein’s real aim all along: credit where its due, well played!

However, once in office the Trump administration did make some mistakes, and one of them is most likely Attorney General Jeff Sessions deciding to recuse himself from the “Russia Russia” investigation. This allowed the appointment of "Special Prosecutor" Mueller, another creature of the swamp.
Now we find the US Mainstream Media forced to admit the Alinksy inspired plot, as it becomes clear everyone now involved in leading investigating “Trump” collusion with Russia are in fact fully guilty of collusion with Russia themselves.

Not only did the Russian Nuclear Energy industry give kick-backs to the Obama regime to engineer this under-the-radar uranium deal, Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch and Comey are all implicated: and on top of that, Special Prosecutor Mueller was used as the mule to get the enriched uranium samples to the Russians!

This is a fantastic breakthrough for the truth movement, with a great debt owed to Assange and Wikileaks, both for the original leaks and for the more recent ultimatum he has given the US media: start covering this or I leak the REST of it… it is strongly believed that Assange has the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, seized upon his arrest for sex predation upon a teenage girl, that according to NYPD leaks contained the full contents missing from Clinton’s famous email server.

Clinton has been on a tour promoting her book, and even showed her face at Swansea University in Wales, UK, this week, where the students cat-called “Fascist!” as she entered the building (she makes friends so easily!).

Now she faces returning to the US to find the Mainstream media compelled to throw her under the metaphorical Bus, as well as exposing all the complicity in corruption of her co-conspirators. And lets not forget, none of us are powerless spectators: sharing the developing news from the Mainstream US media, where it’s impossible even for closed minds to ignore, is a meaningful and positive action we can all take:

Avoiding serious consequences and time in a jail cell is starting to look impossible for Clinton now as the Deep State swamp stench offends the nostrils of Americans, and the world: watch this space as this story continues to unfold!

John White


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