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Originally Posted by getagrip View Post
Perhaps the subjects were chosen with a reason in mind?
Maybe someone thought by giving a limited amount of subject matter it would be a good and fair way of comparing writing styles of any submissions made?

Besides, from reading Gareth's thread it would seem that he has already given the option to submit a second article of the authors choosing alongside the subjects which have been specifically requested.

Problem solved.

Are you going to have a do at it, the apprentice?
I have been doing it right here for many years by encouraging folks make things for themselves, but not officially.

I suggested it a long time ago, that for a fraction of what was spent on other projects, I could have given dedicated one to two tuition to dozens of forum members already, but it seems politics are more important than securing our hand to eye coordination, a subject that David himself also encourages we do by walking away from the system en-mass, the very system that is eating away at everything we now cherish.

My model is walking away from the system in itself, but this can only be done gradually because the amount of people who are devoid of real life skills makes it nigh on impossible to do such an act, to ask such a vulnerable population to leave without any real alternatives is in my eyes irresponsible, and why do I think that, because I know what it took me to gain the knowledge I have today, sorry for being blunt, but I deal with reality not impossible odds.

I am not a born leader but a student for my own working day, a grass routes type of person, dedicated to giving first hand advise and knowledge using the tools at my disposal. Minds already stored with information, whether it is acquired by instruction from others, by dint, or trials of personal application, perceptive books or conjecture will be frequently rejected. What has been diligently attained is too often assiduously hoarded; where pride and envy co-operate with avarice, to render the progress of gathering others knowledge difficult and expensive.
Many people have asked me if I have ever believed in anything or anyone, my answer to them is still the same. I am a plain and practical man, not one of your theorists, splitters of hairs or a chopper of logic, I refrain from being placed in pigeon holes, most like to be in some kind of secured position to feel they belong, I tell people you are born unique, so one must go by their own life experiences.
The least important thing in my life is not what others might think about me; the most important matter in Life is to “know yourself”, if you can alter yourself, then the world can change with you, because we truly are composites of our own indoctrination. There are so many different ways to be, be-fooled within this emasculated reality, where the new age movements tend to make you feel that your special, who will block out the negatives and the bad feelings thrust upon us by modern day guru's, thus making you very vulnerable and egocentric towards those that don’t want to comply or lower themselves to anothers level of consciousness.

These words I submit in public 500 words for appraisal.

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