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Default Organ transplants - energetic effects

The whole transplant activity is based on the misunderstanding that we are physical beings. We are energy beings first and foremost, having an experience of 'the world' through our body/vehicle/interactive device.

The body -vehicle is tuned energetically to our specific, individual set of frequencies, this includes all the 'physical' organs and systems. After finally vacating the physical body-vehicle at 'death' as energy beings only, we leave the physical body and all its components behind on the lower energetic levels.

The problems of organ rejection and so a need for a life-time of toxic chemicals, is because the recipients body-vehicle energetically identifies the transplanted organ as an invader due to its energetic frequencies being incompatible with the recipients.

The frequencies of the original user will be present in the organ, and this is how recipients have become aware of new dietary and other interests. As a long-time practitioner in energy work, my concern is that a person who has been unable to properly tune out of the Earth's programme, at 'death', which sometimes happens, will be energetically attracted to the organ which still remains functional, albeit attached to another person.

Until we remember who we are and that we can regenerate new organs when required, the only way to make this very basic approach work would be for the organ to be energetically cleansed and for the complete withdrawal of the first user to be checked by those with the skills to do it.

Can you imagine how long it may be until medicine and science wakes up and remembers what even it knows, on higher levels??

Peace to All
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