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Default Reincarnation.

Looking at my life, It always seems that I can feel (or at least imagine very realistically) what it is to die - to fall, to be buried, to be shot - while some other ways to die have little resonance within me - I wonder if that is a reflection of recent, past, deaths?

I don't mean that I morbidly think that way often, most of the time I do, indeed, have fun, or at least enjoy my home and work life - it's just that when I hear of certain things in, say the news, I can identify with the sufferer.

The way things are progressing on this planet, however, is not to my taste, and unless I can return to play a part in a rescue from those of evil intent, I hope I can choose to live next in a place where more developed spirits can bring me to greater awareness.

The Earth, so beautiful to see, must surely be a place where we learn not to pass suffering on to others - why else would it be that all living things in this low vibration environment only gain the energy to survive by living off the death of other living things - this applies to every living thing, but I guess we outgrow that eventually, and can collect our energy in other existences from that which is humming through all creation - I think Nikola Tesla was on to this before the Elite stopped such dangerous (to them) knowledge by disposing of him.
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