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Default No Thanks, Doc!

There is no way that I would try to prolong my life at the expense of some other poor soul - I have a 'no resuscitation or treatment' statement on me at all times.

As I genuinely believe in the continuation of the soul, whether through reincarnation or new life in other forms of existence, I do not fear death - though the act of dying, depending on it's cause, might be uncomfortable but cannot be avoided.

To posit that I would change one of the most fundamental tenets of my beliefs in order to gain some short extra time living in a prison of medical discomfort, dependency and moral guilt at what harm I could be doing to another soul's ability to move on, not to mention a fundamental dilution of my own personality, is so far away from my reality that it only means that the poster who reckoned I might change my position, should the need arise, naturally doesn't know me at all.
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