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Originally Posted by rooey View Post
no way man their setting him up. he was trying to find info on victims etc

I don't like his crassness but it's not right whats happening.

he was speaking to homeless people and had some good info about what really happened.

don't believe the msn EVER!
Trooothhh!! This should be ground zero for everything. The videos, which they thought would be enough to fool us, have been busted by excellent work from some Aussies and which have now been taken down. One of them is well known for his crassness but like him or not, we are living in very dangerous times when your family will be harrassed and you will be subjected to mental health assessments for exposing the lies. FFS, they never seem to have done mental health assessments on all these loners who turn out to be mass murderers!

The videos of this latest farcical bullshit garbalogical bollox showed without doubt that this was a staged event. The intersection was blocked off by carefully placed vehicles allowing the performance of burnouts to take place and be filmed. A director was even identified showing the so called crazy driver exactly when to stop arsing around and continue to the street where the 'carnage' occurred. Driving at a funeral pace he was closey escorted by three identical vehicles which could only have been unmarked police cars but which had remained parked also waiting for their cue. The cctv footage of the car driving on the mall clearly showed no-one getting run over and the car's brake lights coming on and the driver swerving to avoid hitting anyone. At the end of the mall the carnage was said to continue but the cctv showed the car making a right turn in the opposite direction of where the next deaths and injuries were claimed. Proof positive that they were crisis actors and could not have been injured by a car that never went in their direction!

Fear! Fear! Fear! Stay indoors or Mad Muzzies will mow you down in the streets.
Oh help us and save us wise governments. We will all sleep better knowing you are in control.

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