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Not less than a month ago, I told her never to refer to Christ’s mother as the “Virgin Mary”. She had plenty of sex in later years; just not when she became pregnant at age 13 when a neighbor’s boy ejaculated after masturbating while watching her bathe behind tall reeds and palms in back of her house. I explained about how semen does not die in tropical temperatures and how Mary was artificially inseminated. Only a month ago we had that talk! She also promised to re-read and study the pages on this web site again, even though she was the web designer who posted them for me in the first place!

I reminded her that Christ was an ungrateful son who never supported his mother or took care of her. He left home when he was twelve and went on an “adventure” to Turkey and to Babylon where he molested boys as young as seven who had not even reached puberty yet. He was also sexually abused by older men; but none of that was an excuse to put himself between others and God. His was a sin of vanity, punishable by death. His crucifixion was too easy. He should have been boiled in a vat of acid and lowered slowly into it.
Notice the Egyptian parallels there to the Isis, Osiris impregnation story?

These guys are fuckin luciferian jokers by the sounds of it, having a laugh and spewing hateful bile, I will spend a bit more time on the site to see if I can find any more shit flowers in Lucy's garden of shit.
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