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To put it simply, O'Farrell believes that the papyri would have confirmed that:

* Akhenaten, Tutankhamun's father, was in fact Moses.
* That Tutankhamun's great-grandfather was Yuya, the biblical Joseph.
* That the Jews were not led out of Egypt by Moses but were forced out by a junta of generals (Ay, Horemheb, Ramses I and Seti).
* The reason that Moses (Akhenaten) was forced out was that he created the first monotheistic religion, the worship of one God, Aten.
* After Moses was made to leave Egypt, a new pharaoh was put in power; this new Pharaoh was Tutankhamun who was no other than Jesus Christ, the Messiah.
* That Tutankhamun had a brother called Smenkhkara.
* That, in short, the bible is completely based on Egyptian stories.
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