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By 5800 BC brighter skies had returned, although the Sun was not yet seen regularly. The swirling 'cloud' remained, but very slowly a gigantic circular object came to be discerned in the skies above the Earth's north polar regions. This was the actual physical shape of the planet Saturn in an enclosing coma. This is the egg of the creation myths. All the later tales recall that when the first God emerged, it was as a smaller object from within the egg-like sphere.
After 900 years of the static fluffy cloud above the north horizon of Earth, in about 4900 BC, and at the location above the north pole of Earth, a circular shape became visible through the swirling clouds, a globe ten or twenty times the diameter of the Moon. The globe stood, inactive, for another 700 years. The globe looked white, but was the actual planet Saturn seen through the intervening plasma.
Although in some legends of creation only a globe is remembered, other sources recall the figure as a duck or a goose, having noticed the planet Uranus, which was displaced from the central axis of rotation of the Saturnian planets. Uranus still looked like the head of a bird -- with a beak and with a neck seemingly connected to the globe of Saturn. Thus any number of creation legends hold that the creator god was a duck or goose. The Egyptian heiroglyph for Ra, the creator God, is a goose. The sacred animal of Brahma, the Vedic creator God, is a goose.

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