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The last book i read was 'The Celestine Prophecy' (finished last week) totally amazing and inspirational book- even bought 'The Tenth Insight' off ebay to read soon but before that, ive just recieved a copy of 'The Divine Matrix' by Gregg Braden, which ive just tucked into and im totally absorbed in after only a few pages!!
Also have 'Iam me i am free' to hand, on the side by my back door (where i smoke) so i can flick through whilst havin a smoke!! always amazes me how different books are once you've woken up, couldn't believe how much different 'i am me i am free' was the 2nd time round (more awake) i gotta read 'Infinite Love' again now im more awake, its like you missed bits out the first time round or you just didnt understand at the time!!
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