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Originally Posted by tinyint View Post
funny how the website you linked to thought this was news to catagorise under 'sci-Tech' Surely such news should be under THEIR catagory 'Nation/World' don't you think? V Odd.

Anyhow, to add my thoughts, I think this is all too organised to be any prelude to a REAL alien disclosure. It's possible it's a bogus one to give TPTB a common ememy for their NWO. I still think London 2012 will be the big EVENT so to speak.

What really baffle's me and shocks me that I don't hear this more and more from other people is the fact that Aliens, REAL aliens that is, are far more likely to either be massive beings, much bigger than humans, probably giant-like OR they will be tiny, very tiny, probably insect-like. To automatically assume they will be round about human size (give or take) is a flawed assumption. When you consider the universe and the different sizes of stars and planets and the complete randomness of it all, it's far more probably that we are totally different in stature. Maybe this is the very reason they haven't announced themselves openly to us? They could be so big that it would be near on impossible for us to accomidate them and work together. Or they could be so small, we're too much of a threat to them.

It's such an obvious issue to me and I'd love to know if anyone has given this topic any serious thought. As I said, I shocked that this isn't brought up more because simply assuming that they will be simular to us in size is crazy and completly based on pre-concieved ideas. Personally, I will laugh at any so called 'official' disclosure or unveiling event if the alien presented is human size, this will convince me it's a false flag NWO manipulation.
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