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Originally Posted by tru3 View Post
"a game as old as empire", ed. by stephen hiatt.

the follow up book to "confessions of an economic hit man".

free excerpt here:

One Confessions supporter wrote a letter to his contacts that stated, “I decided to share my excitement about this with you because I feel that this is not just a book—it is an event, with powerful cultural and political ramifications. This book turns our understanding of history upside down, and I implore you to read it as soon as you possibly can. The more people who are aware, the more easily change can be brought about.”

This is what made Confessions successful, a large pool of passionate supporters who created a juggernaut word-of-mouth campaign. And it is this passion that Berrett-Koehler now hopes to build on by publishing the first follow-on book to Confessions—A Game As Old As Empire.

these books are causing a type of momentum mentioned in the art of war: that of a huge round boulder rolling down a moutainside thousands of feet high.

a must-read!
is this book available in the UK do you know? sounds really good, but can't find it on

im reading children of the matrix at the moment. the only icke book i haven't read.
i bought a book called mind magic which seemed all perfectly spiritual and good but it just focusses (from what i've read) on "hey, this is how you can lose weight / attract money / stop smoking" etc and that is a bit tedious 4 me.

a mate lent me a book about bin laden (an OFFICIAL one) so i'm gunna read that. i know it'll probably be full of shit, but how can i form opinions if i don't know both sides, right?

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