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Originally Posted by cafe beelzebub View Post
This forum died on it's arse years ago when the old webmaster Sean went on a banning spry, then when TPV went tits up another banning spry occurred to all who were questioning it, 100's of prolific poster were banned across these two events, it's been poor ever since, I suppose the new place will dilute what is already very watered down, the peak of this forum wasn't in this decade.
Fair points, but the PTB have played a constant role in attacking this forum over the years as well.

Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
Yes I was thinking this also....... Maybe he is scared,I just dont know.......
If there is a deeper reason, than wanting to add new forum features, then I don't think we are ever going to hear it.
I still love the masons! Be proactive; believe in change and everyone; trust no one.
I'm a glorifed sheepon so don't mess. Thus spoke numnuts. Exposing 'morons' & shills since 2006.
With a critical mass of conscious, good-hearted people I care not who makes laws or prints money.
Are you selling out your own sons, daughters, nephews and nieces? Good job! Bellboy!

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