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Originally Posted by artmuzz View Post
I have been suffering with anxiety and depression for years and got panic disorder after a big panic attack I had in 2015. I also suffer from tinnitus in my right ear and recently been getting occasional low bassy tinnitus in my right ear too which sounds like a parked truck outside in the distance with its engines on.

I have had a very stressful few months due to failing PIP tribunal and I see a support worker every week. It was suggested that it would be good for me if I got medical tests occasionally from a nurse and I agreed to visit one regularly.

I had an appointment with a nurse to check my weight and blood pressure and got into a panic when I found out my blood pressure is high at 147/97. The nurse told me to get another blood pressure checked again the following day. I am also obese and 84 pounds overweight. I don’t understand this because I am a non-smoker and I don’t drink much and my diet is kind of ok and I walk every day and cycle about 6 miles a week.

I appeared for my second appointment and another nurse checked my blood pressure again but this time it is higher at 167/97. This is making me worry and I don’t want to get upset because this will only add fuel to the fire of anxiety and panic disorder that I already suffer.

I have to get my blood pressure checked again in 2 weeks time and I am really worried.
I've heard of so many people now ,, reporting increasing tinnitus ,,

I get it too ,,

Maybe it's related to the power output from 4G Wi Fi masts ,, and Internet Wi Fi ,, etc,,,

Maybe people are so 'scared' to consume salt or cholesterol or potassium ,, now ,, they are suffering from deficiency syndromes ,,!
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