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Originally Posted by artmuzz View Post
Thanks for the replies.

I walk about 2 to 3 miles everyday and cycle 6 miles once a week but I guess that is not enough exercise for me.

I have started making my own sauerkraut again which I believe is high in vitamin K2mk7.

I regret agreeing to see a nurse for weekly checkups because it is only making my anxiety disorder worse.
You sound like you're doing perfectly fine to me!

I Worked in the NHS for a while and I know very well how ROBOTIC most of the staff are.

My parents died at a relatively young age and I naturally got a bit 'stressed' and my BP (blood pressure) went up a bit ,, so the GP said 'You Have To' take these tab's ,,

To cut it short ,, the anti hypertensives made me feel like CRAP! So I said no f*** way am I taking those ever again **** ,,

Bigger Picture ,,

Why does our DNA coding increase our BP (Blood Pressure) during stressful times? Did mother nature get it wrong?

Why does BP increase with age? Did Mother Nature get it wrong?

Why do cholesterol levels increase with age?
Did mother nature get it wrong?

Big Pharma ,,,,, 'If you're cholesterols high' ,, You definitely need Statins ,, Yep ,, Along with all the side effects you will encounter ,,
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