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Your blood pressure is quite high. That's what mine would be without drugs. I'm not overweight and cycle/jog about two to three hours per week. I have a fairly good diet and don't eat much meat. Salt is a well-known cause of high blood pressure - reduce it as much as you can. It's everywhere; cheese, prepared sources, bread and biscuits, ready meals, fast food, etc. High blood pressure is also often an inherited trait, as is mine. This isn't an excuse to ignore it - you still need to try and deal with it.

Losing weight might have the greatest benefit. Exercise is good, but to be honest you need to do a lot of exercise before it has much effect on weight, but it has many other health benefits; lowers cholesterol in many people, lowers blood pressure by widening blood vessels, good for heart and lungs. You know the rest.

If you find evidence-based alternative treatments, good, but thoroughly check credibility of the 'evidence'. Pharmaceutical drugs - which you may not like - have vast amounts of evidence supporting their efficacy. The ones I'm on have no significant side effects and are better than the alternatives: stroke, kidney failure, heart attack, damaged retinas, etc.

So consider the so-called 'Conspiracy of big Pharma' against no treatment or ineffective 'alternative' treatments.

Beware of self styled experts suggesting this or that chemical. It might not do any harm, but you want something that is effective.

It's really in your hands. It's hard work, but if you want drug-free treatment it means working very hard on diet. Other causes may be outside your control, but you need to find ways of coping with them. Good luck.



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