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Originally Posted by mfrey0118 View Post
My 3 year old daughter loves watching the popular children's cartoon "Bob the Builder". My wife assured me there is nothing in it that I have to worry about, as far as programming my impressionable little angel's noggin.

As I was watching it one day, I noticed a character they call "Spud". It wasn't human, but it talked and acted like one.

So what was it? Apparently, Spud is a scarecrow. Scarecrows are typically made of what? You guessed it...straw!

This Strawman represents a naive child, who goes through all the emotional journeys of a child. Yet it is not a child. It is an inanimate object. It is not human.

There's no explanation about why Spud exists. He seems out of place, next to all the machines. Oh yes, the machines also have human personalities but are not human.

Look up the definition of the word "man" in the older law dictionaries. It specifically states a man is a "monster" resembling a human being but it is not one.

The series motto is "Can we fix it? Yes we can!". In each show the most important goal is "finishing the work". So now we not only have strawman programming but also voluntary slave programming to be good little worker bees.

Remember the 6th Sense? "I see dead people"? it's clear what he was talking about. Remember how we couldn't tell the dead people from the living all throughout the movie?

Gotta love it...
I couldn't believe what i was watching when i saw a childrens program teaching children to curtsey for the Queen and to respect a prince but no surprise it was cbeebies.
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