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Originally Posted by majestic1 View Post
Reminds me of the same thing that was caught on that fallen angel footage from Spain.
awww he looks down in the dumps before the guys with the camera startle him!

Originally Posted by rayne View Post
To me, it looks very cgi.
How do we know these supernatural entities don't look cgi-like? I mean I had a really lucid dream involving some huge wierd fiery sucubus creature tricking me, that to me looked like CGI cos of its transparant fire ember-like body. Ok so not the best thing to back up my point but you know, it's almost like if any picture of a super natural creature comes out now, not only has it been photoshopped but completely computer generated too

I wasn't having a dig by the way, I was just generalizing.
"Because we suggest a model of time whose mathematics dictate a built-in spiral structure, events keep gathering themselves into tighter and tighter spirals that lead inevitably to a final time. Like the center of a black hole, the final time is a necessary singularity, a domain or an event in which the ordinary laws of physics do not function" - Terrence Mckenna
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